Aaron K. Campbell


 Photo Courtesy of Melody Joy Cascini

Photo Courtesy of Melody Joy Cascini

For Those That Wander

This summer Aaron plans to record and release his debut solo CD.

Joined by accompanist Timothy Flores, this CD will include:

Turbo (Tentative Tittle) - John Hadden

Concerto for Euphonium - Matthew Nunes

        - I. Energetically 

        - II. Tenderly

        - III. Ferociously

Waltz for Betz - James Grant

For Those That Wander - Tyler Kline

Polar Vortex - Mike Forbes

Simple Song - Joel Collier

Why/Because - James Grant

The Wind That Carries Relics (Tentative Title) - Tyler Kline

African Sky - Andrea Fisher-Jeffes 


Artist Design: Melody Joy Cascini

Recording Engineer: Tyler Kline


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Beginning April 10th 2017 I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund my debut solo CD. The recordings will feature all newly recorded works for the Euphonium. To find out how you can keep updated on the progress of the project, learn how you can help the recording project, and see a track list of the pieces that will be on the album please visit...

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